Steps and Skills Learned on Quest

Ask your teacher for help and instructions to turn on computer and get on the Internet
The address is
You are now on the Background Page -

To save Intro Lessons to your computer

You might want to make a folder in your Documents, and name it Space Quest
Now go to Internet and travel to Space Quest website.
Click on link to desired lesson. Maximize the page.
If you have Firefox as your browser, - Click on FILE up in top left-hand corner of your window. On the drop-down menu that appears, choose "SAVE PAGE AS". If you use IE as your browser, find the small tab called PAGE near top right; Click on it. On the drop-down menu that appears, choose "SAVE AS".
You will get a tree-diagram of your files; Scroll to the folder you made, and open the folder.
(If it looks empty and funny, don't worry, you are putting the first file in there now!) You can change the name if you want, or leave name like it is. If you have Windows XP, the page will save as "Webpage-Complete". Now click  SAVE.
Your computer might have 2 files for the webpage; one is the page; one is computer stuff.
To print, open your new webpage file and print out:

To PRINT, open the webpage by double-clicking on the file in your folder, then go back to FILE up in top left corner.
Choose PRINT this time, to print the page.

To print from Space Quest page without saving

Maximise the desired lesson page. Click on FILE up in top-left corner.
Choose PRINT from the drop-down menu, to print the page.

To save a gif image file to your computer

Click on link to gif picture. Maximize the page.
Hold mouse over the image and right-click; then on the drop-down menu, choose   "Save Picture as". You will get a tree-diagram of your files; Scroll to your Quest folder and OPEN the folder. Look at name of image and below that, the "file type". Make sure it shows .gif as type of file. Next, make a new file name if you dont like my name, then click   Save.
To print, open your new image file and print out.

All Research Links are made to open in a new window, so you can move them around as you want.
You can Minimize them for fast Re-opening, or simply Exit when done.
Your main SpaceQuest page will still be there!

    Skills Learned on Quest
  1. Computer Skills
  2. Science Knowledge
  3. Research Skills
  4. Vocabulary and Glossary Skills
  5. Critical Thinking
  6. Comprehension and Writing
  7. Group Teamwork