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Teacher selects groups/ quests
- [ Teamwork is encouraged; All members will participate in the quest, fulfilling different roles when needed;
- the Quests can be done individually as Long-Distance Ed projects

Group members choose roles
- [ Researcher/Technician, Reporter/Presenter, Artist/Designer, plus "Backups" and Aides if larger groups are needed ]

Critical thinking for development
- [ Fully developed answers to questions should be presented;
- Printed documentation includes Quizzes, Personal Glossary, Essays, Research Notes, and Evaluation Rubrics

Multi-media projects/ presentations
- [ Power Point presentations plus evaluations will be presented to class;
- Posters with pictures, diagrams, charts,or printed Brochures also acceptable
- Role playing activities can be done in classroom

Ideas for Evening or Short 1-2 hr.Classes
- [ Choose 1 Quest, and divide it up Jig Saw fashion;
- Teacher chooses only some of the activities that students will complete