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Page 5 - The Quest Projects

    Implement the projects here
Teacher selects groups/ quests   ~  Group members choose roles

(For short 4-hr/wk. classes, divide a quest in "Jig-Saw" fashion)

Click Here for General Project Info

    Describe the 4 quests
  • Moon Quest Should we go back to the Moon? Could we mine minerals there? How could we live there? Would you vacation there? How would you play golf on the Moon?
  • Mars Quest Would you go live on Mars? How could you live there? What is the weather like on Mars? What would you take with you and why? What would you do there?
  • ISS Quest Why is the International Space Station so important? Want to work there? Could you be an astronaut? What will happen when NASA retires the shuttle in 2010?
  • Hubble Quest What is the importance of the Hubble Space Telescope? Could you be the maintenance person? Want to discover a new star? Is there life in other galaxies?

    Multi-Media Presentation Choices
    Projects can be:
  1. Large Poster and/or multi-media 3D model, describing the Quest topics
  2. Power Point Presentation developing and explaining all the Quest topics
  3. Brochure made in Word or Publisher, developing all the Quest topics and questions

Role-Playing in the Classroom
Click Here for Extra Role-Playing

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